Ditching the extensions: A liberating experience

by Laetitia Wong 


Kylie Jenner is a fashion maven, there’s no doubt about it. It goes without saying that we’re to expect something different from her every day. I mean, just take a look at her Instagram. From wigs to constant bleach jobs, the youngest Jenner has been putting through her tresses through exorbitant amounts of stress.

We miss her in a simpler times, with her long dark tresses and non-pouty lips. Sure, she might’ve inspired many entertainment icons around the world (such as Singapore DJ Tabitha Nauser) to don her signature trout pout, but those lips definitely aren’t on our to-do-list. Oh, back when women were teased for over-lining their lips, and look at the fashion world today. Man, have we evolved.

Anywho, back to Kylie’s hair. Having put her hair through so much stress, what with the overnight bleaching and overuse of hair products and heavy extensions weighing down on her scalp, a stylish cut is truly in session here. Sure, there’s no telling how long this cut will last, but this unpredictability is what makes Kylie, well, Kylie!

There’s nothing like a Fresh cut to make you feel brand new. Less is more, and we’re really diggin’ the new fresh look. Personally, extensions are a bane and disasterous if you’re a gym bunny like I am. Tedious to wash and ridiculous to untangle, ‘dope’ is a word that I’d probably use for Kylie’s new do’.

Not all change is bad, and sometimes all you need is a haircut to reinvent yourself. Snip away the past and look to the future to keep moving forward. Plus, her neck must be feeling so light now. Goodbye extensions!

Check it out!


Before: Those neon tresses must be real hard to upkeep!



Now: Kylie’s new look – We think it’s shaving years off from her usual mid 20-something polished look. A fresh change, for once!



That’s a natural curl, is it not? Be it permed or au naturalé, it’s making the youngest Jenner look adorable.


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