Redy or Not

When in doubt, wear red.

- Bill Blass

The Lunar New Year is fast approaching, and we sure hope you’re prepared to usher in another auspicious year ahead. Between busy schedules and a long list of things to prep for the occasion, it’s totally forgivable if you chose to skip out on purchasing new clothes for the new year.


While dressing in red for the new year might have been the longstanding tradition for most families during this festive season, some of us might have outgrown the tradition of wearing and purchasing new red garments, either for practical reasons or fear of looking a little too over-excited.

In traditional Chinese culture, the colour red is used to symbolize good fortune and joy. Unsurprisingly, it is seen and used in abundance especially during the new year or other festive occasions, from decorations to little red envelopes and clothes.

We love the lush, sensuous colour, and not only is it incredibly classic and versatile, we love the effect and symbolism behind it. So if you think you’ll only wear it once for family gatherings this year, think again!



The dynamic and bold colour is not only a hot colour, but it also represents passion, energy and desire. The colour is known to be stimulating and powerful in addition to be an energy booster by increasing our heart rate, blood pressure and induces the release of adrenaline.

Red is also a colour that motivates and excites the viewer, inspiring one to take action.

There are countless shades of red, and each of them gives of a different feel, mood and can even change the general perception of the person. Common hues of red on the market includes coral, maroon and scarlet.



Will you be wearing red this Lunar New Year? Leave us a comment!

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