Boo! Halloween nails are en route!

by Laetitia Wong

With the 31st October just around the corner, this can only mean one thing for the beauty world: NAILS.

And yes, I believe we’ve all seen Promise Phan’s spooky lady-with-two-faces Halloween makeup tutorial on YouTube, but as we’ve always stressed, its the little details that matter. And what better detailing than to pamper yourself with a gorgeous set of talons before hopping to a halloween party, your face all primped and ready to curdle the blood of Chewbacca-costumed person at the party.

So how about you try these on for size?
Word of caution: They’re not for the faint of heart (or the weak of skill).


Talk about being mummified!


Who ever said crackle was out of style?


A halloween-ey twist on the typical French? We likey.


Edward Scissorhands is the one weirdo who’ll always have a special place in our hearts. But word of caution: You may not be able to do anything, literally, with these nails. Forget the halloween treats, you’ve gotta get your man to feed you.


Don’t worry, these dagger nails aren’t real. They’re probably extensions, and paint them how you want them to look. They’re gorgeous, to say the least, and definitely spooky.


A little creepy, but with just the right amount of spook for a Halloween night out.



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