Black Milk Clothing’s Lady Anarchy Line: Just in time for Halloween

by Laetitia Wong


You hardly ever see solid Halloween brands in Singapore, do you? I’ve always wondered how cool it’d be to turn up to an October 31st party in your own garb, sans costume, but Halloween-themed. Honestly, we’re just praying that Australian brand Black Milk Clothing will be coming to Singapore soon.

Just check out their new Lady Anarchy line – From macabre blood splatters to sketchy haunted house leggings, the only thing keeping Martha Stewart from wearing these is well… nothing.

As founder and head designer James Lilis remarked in a press release, “Halloween is like Christmas for our community – it’s the most anticipated time of year, so we like to go all out with our Halloween releases!” Wise words indeed. Now, if only there was some way to make the brand somehow migrate over to South East Asia over up here, that would be much appreciated.

These macabre designs combine the grisly and the great into one classy piece. Trust me, this is the fashion statement that’ll have people talking about for ages. Take a look!



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