Sick as a dog

by Laetitia Wong 



Having been down with the yearly post-Chinese New Year fever, flu and resident sore throat, I’ve been confined to the four walls that is my home. Sadly, as gorgeously decorated Mom made these minimalist walls to be, I still feel that the photos resting delicately on the piano top glare at me patronisingly, as Mom’s gorgeously handcrafted golden laughing Buddha narrows his eyes condescendingly at me, as I gobble down yet another steaming bowl of ‘Mom’s recovery porridge’.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about the dreaded all-eat and no-exercise regime that I am currently on. Usually making it a point to hit the gym at least thrice a week, I have been confined (on doctor’s orders) to bed rest and an overwhelmingly amount of fluids.


And if watching my hunky significant other lug his gorgeously toned body to the gym every other day wasn’t torturous enough, Mom’s got the fridge stockpiled with creamy apple strudel and cold Vanilla Ben and Jerry’s to nurse both broken hearts and scratchy throats. Naturally, mine was the latter.


Having all day with nothing to do, I found myself reading article after article online, eventually drawn back to my guilty pleasure: The hilariously drawn pictorials of The Oatmeal. Inherently, the result led me to this obnoxiously drawn food cartoon that not only made me laugh, but hey, it’s sort of true!



food copy

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