Halloween Inspiration: Marty McFly

by Laetitia Wong 


I’ve always been a fan of Robert Zemeckis’ Back To The Future Trilogy, with the flying hoverboards and DeLorean time travel. To be absolutely frank, I’ve had quite a thing for Michael J. Fox for the longest time, even with the height difference (he’s only 1.63m!), I was willing to make it work. Ah, teenage crushes. It almost brings me back to my old room with the double-decker bed.

Nevertheless, the movie recently celebrated its 30th Anniversary, and as a way to pay homage to the delightful time-travel comedy, we were flitting between dressing up as either Marty or Doc. Both are equally as iconic, both are maniacal and hilarious as hell. However, I’m more of a smooth charmer myself, not to mention a huge slacker (especially when I was back in school). Surely, Marty would be the perfect choice for this year’s Halloween costume, even if it meant a little cross-dressing had to be done. Eh, it’s all good. Characters at Singapore’s annual Anime Festival Asia do it all the time.

To dress up as Marty, here are the things that you’ll be needing to put together that outfit of yours. PS: Don’t forget the Hoverboard! Of course, you’ve probably gotta wait a few more years for that to be invented first! Oh, what we wouldn’t do for a time-travelling DeLorean right now.



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