Pretty Little Liars Star Ashley Benson causes massive… Uproar.

by Laetitia Wong 




This purrrrr-etty little liar recently caused a massive stir in the fashion world, as well as with netizens online, whenn she posted a picture of herself in a gold emsemble, captioned “Cecil the lion”.

The outfit, kudos to lingerie retailer Yandy, was criticised to be a little too ‘racy’ for something that is widely considered as a ‘Children’s holiday’. In addition, this costume bears a heavier weight than merely being inappropriate.

So why all the massive uproar? (No pun intended) Well, Cecil is actually a lion that was killed by Minnesota dentist Dr. Walter Palmer on an illegal hunt in Zimbabwe three months ago. The Doctor was globally disgraced, and being branded a ‘lion killer’.

The controversy of being pro/anti-fur has always been a giant anathema in the media, with high-end publications such as Nylon Magazine generating massive ire amongst millions of readers (and Tweeps) to voice their outrage at the magazine’s ‘support of horrifically torturing animals for fashion’.




Celebrities like Rita Ora, the Middleton sisters and socialite Olivia Palermo have also taken some heat after succumbing to the fur’s seductive charms, turning heads after a furious online debate of ‘did she, or didn’t she’.

Naturally, as we’ve learnt from Cruella De Vil, fur is a statement piece. An item of status. And fashionistas across the globe are contesting for fur to be ‘wearable’ whilst asking for the public’s empathy and consideration to respect their decisions. Though it seems highly unlike that it will such a mutual respect will be hapening anytime soon, we can safely say that the fur industry will prevail, regardless of the backlash and disagreement from the public. So why fight the war and risk being caught in the crossfire? Leave it to the pros, hun.

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