Head-to-Toe white? No problem.

by Laetitia Wong

There’s no denying it: It’s H.O.T – Hell’s Out There. Yep, right there, in the sun, where those children are splashing about in the pool? No way are we getting anywhere close to that enchilada. But in the event that you’re absolutely forced into the heat, there’s really no escaping it, is there?

No matter where you are in the world; Singapore, Thailand, Venice, Paris or Istanbul, staying hydrated and sweat-free is probably the top of everyone’s to-talk-about list. Sure, we’re tempted to just break out our new For Love and Lemons skimpy lingerie-like dress to wear to work, even the most laid-back casual Friday office style requires some level of… coverup.

And what better to coverup than an all-white ensemble? It speaks volumes about being chic and classy, and not only that, the crisp all-white suit practically says: I may be a lady, but I’m here to get the job done. Simplistic and elegant? Check.

PS: There’s nothing wrong with an all-white ensemble, just uh… Not when Aunt Flo’s in town, kay?


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