What to wear when the sun just ain’t going away

by Laetitia Wong

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.05.32 pm

Our favourite hooligan buddha posted a snapshot of herself in a long-sleeved dress, sans accessories, holding a stalk of fresh blooms in her right hand. Oh yeah, model Anna Grostina certainly knows her summer fashion.

We’re still not sure what purpose the white flower has (probably aesthetic), but no one said that you had to be decked out in expensive Adidas and Korean-inspired halter tops (that leaves little to the imagination) to be fashionable AND survive the heat!

It’s a perfect look to breeze through town or on a Sunday brunch with your closest homies. Great for spicing up your *yawn* summer style, leave your hair in tousled tangles for a more slept in look.

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