The only style updates you’ll need this month

by Laetitia Wong


I’ve got to be frank – It isn’t easy being a fashionista in today’s day and age. Yes, you may love fashion like pugs love pawing at your favourite Balenciaga purses (and ruining them, might I add), but just a friendly reminder that purchasing items in the pursuit of so-called ‘in-trend’ fashion is all down-hill depreciation from there-on out.

It ain’t like buying gold coins or stock shares, the money that you spent on clothes and bags aren’t making money sitting in your closet. The only thing it’s gathering, is dust.

Most older women in their late-20s that I’ve spoken to all say the same thing, that finding a couple of wear-by-day, switch-up-by-night styles and key pieces will follow you throughout the next few years and in turn help you save money in the long run.

Here are a few tips that I’ve gathered:


1. Rock the handbag that you’ve got

It’s nice to own new shiny things, it’s a universal endorphin rush for those of the female gender (and maybe some males, you never know!) – And though those new shiny things may give you that temporary high or ego boost that you’ve been long coveting for, remember that those new items are only new for a whole.

Enjoy the things that you have, and invest in good quality bags instead of those cheap ones they sell at Bugis Street. Think about it this way: If you’re planning on dropping 70 dollars for a Forever 21 bag each month, try saving that 70 dollars into what I’d like to call a ‘new bag money jar’. And think, in 12 months you’d have saved S$840 in total.

We’re thinking… A small and classy Tory Burch will do the trick. Leather, long-lasting, and delightfully divine. Yes, a Tory Burch will do very nicely.

PS: Forever 21 bags dabble in pleather. Not good for the long haul.


2. Think in layers

Here’s the trick: Mixing and matching your wardrobe makes it seem like you’ve got an endless supply of style and panache. It’s an easy tip, but not one that many take into consideration.

Contrary to pop culture belief (I’m looking at you, Mean Girls!) there’s absolutely nothing wrong with re-wearing your clothes on a day-to-day basis. Just look at what this girl does to her simple Chambray shirt!



Just for the record, we’re not asking you to wear the same shirt 30 days in a row. Just mix it up! Cropped leggings under floral mini skirts, funky tank tops under low-cut dresses? The possibilities are endless!

But really, don’t wear that shirt consecutively for a month. It won’t be pretty, and we’re betting it doesn’t smell that awesome too. It’s an easy way for you to get a day off, though.


3. Hone your personal style

This is an oldie but goodie. Having been poring through style magazines and observing people on the street stalker-like, even before Pinterest became ‘a thing’, I chanced upon a quote that was in a magazine one day – I believe it was Tiger Beat (A really old pre-adolescent gossip/fashion glossy from the States).

A fashion consultant quipped “A fashionable person couldn’t care less about purchasing the newest trends, just because everybody else is wearing them. Find your own style, and be your own person. People will start copying YOUR style!”

Just remember: Be yourself, everybody else is taken.



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