Have a dip: Swimming in sunshine

by Laetitia Wong


Singapore may not be the fashion metropolis of swimwear fashion, but we’re still enjoying the few months of strong sunshine. Perhaps a weekend getaway to Bali, or just some chilling by your local poolside? Either way, a little swimsuit splurging is a must, and so is doing it with style and chic.

We’re already shared some of our favourite picks for this summer, sans the water, but these are some of the coolest understated swimwear collections that we’ve seen so far. Done are the usual flowery-printed two-piece swimsuits – Even for the more conservative of swimwear folk, these are bound to float your boat (no pun intended).

According to Fashion guru and How To Look Good Naked presenter Gok Wan, he believes that the best way to rock a swimsuit is to stand up straight. “Good posture will give the impression that you’re slimmer!”, he comments. So what are you waiting for? Shoulders back, tummy tucked in, chin held up high, and think ‘murder’, as you walk as tall as you can.

Think about the felines on the runway: It’s called a catwalk for a reason! A good tip is to point for second biggest toe front to get your body walking straight, and to place your weight on the balls of the feet, and not the sole, for an elegant strut. Try it!

What do you look for in a great swimsuit? And how would you style it? Share it with us!


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