Beat the heat with this holy grail!

by Laetitia Wong


It’s Singapore, we’ve reiterated it before; the heat is sweltering, we’re dying, you get the picture. If not, I’m sure Donald and Goofy up above have pretty much helped make our point.


Nonetheless, we’re in love with the off-the-shoulder silhouette, which has been helping us get through the crazy heat of July. However, the biggest struggle is finding new (read: casual) ways for us to pair it down with, lest the risk of looking a little too put together.

We’re loving ruffles, messy silhouettes and haphazardness. Sure, the hippie-chic aesthetic is always a nice option, but for sweltering Julys like these, we’re advising to skip the put-togetherness and opt for a little more fun and breezy.

Try pairing a cropped blouse (easily found at H&M and Forever 21, or even the Australian label Mink Pink) with some playful ripped denim shorts, a skinny belt and some beach-y rustic sandals. And for lunch dates (in the reprieve of nice cool air-conditioning), we recommend some skin tight jeans.

Check out the pictures below for inspiration!



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