Movie Review: Age of Ultron

by Laetitia Wong

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Badass Scarlett with her enviable fiery locks. I wonder how many times she had to re-dye her hair for the role. Hmm.


It was dismal. Truly.

I mean, it wasn’t the entire show that was a complete letdown, but it was definitely a challenge to keep up with Marvel and their disjointed sequence as well as numerous plot holes. Pretty effects, sure, but what happened to telling the story in chronological order, huh?

Not to mention we had to watch Thor take yet another bath. But more on that later.

Sure, I probably was the only one voicing my questions aloud in the theatre (at the expense of my extremely patient boyfriend) but I couldn’t be the only one who narrowed my eyes at the hilarity of disconnected subplots, like where on earth the magic twins came from. Okay, I get that they were the byproduct of some evil genius experimentation and all that, but telekinesis and super speed? Seriously? Could you get any more unoriginal than that?

And on top of that, in comes a new doctor-super smart Asian character, Dr. Helen Cho, put in the midst of all those biceps and spandex just to fill in the plot holes and to create the evil Ultron the body that he so covets. How convenient.

Oh right, and another thing. While the Avengers bask in their shame of having fallen prey to the (now-reformed) baddie, The Scarlet Witch, and her sneaky mind control nightmare madness, Thor (yes, the gorgeous Chris Hemsworth) teleports off to find his friend, the Scientist Eric Selvig, brings him to a pool of water in a cave in the middle of nowhere
All in all, a huge failure, not because of the stellar effects but rather the dismal plot line. It is evident that Director Joss Whedon attempted on piecing the parts of the Marvel Universe the best she could, but let’s face it, there simply are too many issues, universes and duplicated versions of the dozens of characters to form one single stream of coherent thought. At least, enough for it to work well with movie critics like myself.

But eh, my guy enjoyed himself. Give him a couple of fancy one-liners and a barrage of explosions, and at least you’ve got one half of the world’s audience down. Men.


Marvel’s Age of Ultron is now showing in theatres.
PG 13 / 142 mins

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