Black Milk Clothing’s Lady Anarchy Line: Just in time for Halloween

by Laetitia Wong


You hardly ever see solid Halloween brands in Singapore, do you? I’ve always wondered how cool it’d be to turn up to an October 31st party in your own garb, sans costume, but Halloween-themed. Honestly, we’re just praying that Australian brand Black Milk Clothing will be coming to Singapore soon.

Just check out their new Lady Anarchy line – From macabre blood splatters to sketchy haunted house leggings, the only thing keeping Martha Stewart from wearing these is well… nothing.

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Head-to-Toe white? No problem.

by Laetitia Wong

There’s no denying it: It’s H.O.T – Hell’s Out There. Yep, right there, in the sun, where those children are splashing about in the pool? No way are we getting anywhere close to that enchilada. But in the event that you’re absolutely forced into the heat, there’s really no escaping it, is there?

No matter where you are in the world; Singapore, Thailand, Venice, Paris or Istanbul, staying hydrated and sweat-free is probably the top of everyone’s to-talk-about list. Sure, we’re tempted to just break out our new For Love and Lemons skimpy lingerie-like dress to wear to work, even the most laid-back casual Friday office style requires some level of… coverup.

And what better to coverup than an all-white ensemble? It speaks volumes about being chic and classy, and not only that, the crisp all-white suit practically says: I may be a lady, but I’m here to get the job done. Simplistic and elegant? Check.

PS: There’s nothing wrong with an all-white ensemble, just uh… Not when Aunt Flo’s in town, kay?


What to wear when the sun just ain’t going away

by Laetitia Wong

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.05.32 pm

Our favourite hooligan buddha posted a snapshot of herself in a long-sleeved dress, sans accessories, holding a stalk of fresh blooms in her right hand. Oh yeah, model Anna Grostina certainly knows her summer fashion.

We’re still not sure what purpose the white flower has (probably aesthetic), but no one said that you had to be decked out in expensive Adidas and Korean-inspired halter tops (that leaves little to the imagination) to be fashionable AND survive the heat!

It’s a perfect look to breeze through town or on a Sunday brunch with your closest homies. Great for spicing up your *yawn* summer style, leave your hair in tousled tangles for a more slept in look.

David Jones channels 70’s fashion – Talk about some gorgeous tan lines!

by Laetitia Wong



David Jones ambassador Jessica Jomes launched her Spring/Summer fashion line in Sydney not too long ago, with the billowing mustard dress setting the stage and making a fantastic impression on the audience.

The long-sleeved maxi dress was apparently the crowd favourite – not too garishly in your face; paired with a pair of gladiator heels and cinched with a cream belt, it was like watching a glowing goddess from the Roman era strut down the runway.

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