Trends that need to die, pronto.


Oh sheesh, where do we even begin? Here we have compiled a list of 5 beauty trends that we’ve seen folks sporting in 2014, trends that have to die immediately. (Non-optional)


1. Heavy makeup

Oh Tyra, what were you thinking? The former Victoria Secret Angel and influential talk show host has been the face of countless of fashion forwards, but she’s really made a boo-boo with this one. It’s out with the heavy makeup and in with the fresh faces.

2012 Moth Ball




2. The Side shave

Natalie Dormer was the object of every girl’s crush when she appeared in the third installation of The Hunger Games. Nonetheless, it’s just downright creepy. Guys, go for it. Girls, stop.You’re starting to look like a lesbian gym teacher. Leave the side shave to Shane McCutcheon to experiment with.




We like the old Natalie!


3. Precise doll curls

Alright, it may seem a little unfair to blame the Kardashian sisters for yet another makeup mishap, but they aren’t the only ones with the tightly rung curls. Embrace the way beach curls – Tousled, messy and casual, they’re the epitome of surfer girl. Hey, if it’s good enough for the Victoria’s Secret Angels, it’s good enough for me.





4. Over-drawn lips

One name comes to mind: Kylie overdrawn Jenner. Yes, it’s stirred up quite some controversy amongst online netizens regarding her recent “lip surgery. Regardless, she could’ve handled her makeup routine a little differently. Lipliner? Throw it back to the 90’s and embrace the nude. Dust a little translucent powder on top of a sheet of tissue to stop your lipstick from bleeding.




Our girl crush: Angelina Jolie


5. Panda eyes

For pete’s sake, you look like you’ve just gotten punched in both eyes upon waking up. Try some minimalist makeup and if you do opt for a smokey eye, ensure your makeup’s multi-dimensional, and incorporate some dark browns instead of a flat out black.

Note: As a side note, ditch the straggly hair extensions while you’re at it! There’s nothing attractive about having a horse’s tail on your head.





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