Product Review: The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer



This seemingly innocent honey-hued shimmer is nothing but dull. Trust me, I’ve been on this bandwagon for the past 4 years, having first discovered it in my freshman year. It is a sparkly luminizer that is bound to catch everyone’s eye. It’s not too look-at-me, look-at-me, but neither is it a waste of money. The colour payoff is simply gorgeous, illuminating the skin with a soft and subtle glow, making one look a couple of years younger. (Not advisable if you’re trying to snag you and your underage friends a couple of beers. Just kidding!)


It is by far my favourite highlighter, having tried MAC’s sheertone shimmers and other illuminating products like the Body Shop’s fluid mixture (which turned out to be a goopy disaster).


The Mary Lou Manizer isn’t your regular glitter bomb, and though a little on the pricy side, the slim compact packaging of the product is both retro and ridiculously gorgeous. Not to mention that it’s rather value for your money considering you only need use a little each time.


Dab some on your cheekbones, underneath your brow bone, your cupids bow and even on the bridge of your nose. It instantly gives you a healthy glow (even if you are overworked with 4 projects on your hand) and gives you a shimmery aura.


A definite must-have in my beauty closet!

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