Product review: Make Up Forever’s Aqua Rouge Waterproof Lip Colour



Let me get this straight: I’m not a terrible fan of lipsticks, especially when I’m in relationships. As a certified P.D.A (Public Display of Affection) high-ranker, it comes as a giant hinderance when my beau and I are done with our 5-minute makeout sesh at a quiet corner, only to see him emerge from the moment with ferocious red smears whiplashed across his face.


Not pretty.


As a result, I’ve long done away with the fiery red lip products and have opted for a good-girl lip balm for hydration, with a smokey eye to match.


Still, you’ve gotta miss them trout pouts sometime.


Enter Makeup Forever’s Aqua Rouge. 


My oh my, this gem’s been on the market for a while now, and it’s only till I entered my current relationship where I started noticing this baby.


It’s a 2-step product, coming in a double-ended packaging consisting in 2 little vials connected by a plastic middle. The applicator is easy enough, as usual lip glosses go. As for the texture… it’s gooey, and smells a little of nail lacquer, but we’re in love with the matte pigmentation and long-lasting quality of the lippie.


First step’s the colour, followed by a transparent top coat that seals the deal.


Available in 12 colours, my personal favourite’s the Burgundy – It’s a classy wine colour that’s perfect for every occasion.


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