Perfume: An identity

by Laetitia Wong 


It’s a age-old question posed by women from all across the globe: What should I wear that would make me smell attractive to him/her?

With the question having been enquired by women and men alike, since pre Marilyn Monroe days to our current state of 2015, as we’re sitting by our seats and scrolling through the net for ‘the perfect scent’, most of us wonder about the same thing.


Picking out a scent shouldn’t seem so bothersome, and yet heading into your local Sephora or Sasa and approaching the wall of fragrances, boasting an array of bottled scents and signatures, proves a rather daunting task.


Coco Chanel once famously said that “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” It’s a beautiful quote, and although I wouldn’t agree to the extent of not having a future.


While I agree that it is rather distasteful for women to ditch their perfumes, I applaud Chanel for noting that each woman should have her own signature scent. Be it sticking to a classic No. 5, or layering perfume upon perfume with multiple spritzes, having a signature perfume is as Christian Dior aptly puts it: “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.”


Perfume: It’s no longer a mere scent that lingers on your body after a casual spritzing. It becomes somewhat of an imprint; An identity, your identity.

Here are 5 of our favourite Spring/Summer scents of 2015. Some are old, some are new, but most importantly, they complement a person beautifully and are simply ageless.


1. Daisy, by Marc Jacobs



Fresh and flirty, this feminine scent speaks volumes in terms of it’s floral-woody fragrance. Decorated artistically with an elaborate array of Daisy Flowers, this fragrance charms with it’s intoxicating violet, white woods, vanilla and faint musk.


2. Flower, by Kenzo 


Japanese scents are truly intruiging. Popular for it’s subtle luminous floral scent, it’s the epitome for the shy Japanese woman trying to break free. Perfect for fans of a powdery Vanilla scent, the white musks combine with the rose and violet blend to create a sensual signature.


3. Chanel No. 5


One of the best selling perfumes in the world, Coco Chanel tasked perfume designer Ernest Beaux to create a scent which ‘smells like a woman’. With these rose and jasmine scents, they remain clean and distilled, composing of bergamot, neroli, amber and lily of the valley.


4. Escada Island Kiss


This is the perfect fruity perfume for those Caribbean fans out there. Inspired by fragrant costs, salty air and the sweet nectary notes of fruit and flower, the top notes include passion flower, mango and even some citrus. This scent is both wild yet wooden, with sensual musk tones underneath.


5. Le Petite Eau De Parfum, by TokyoMilk & Lollia


This beauty’s absolutely brilliant, with perfectly paired fragrance notes housed in an adorable bottle. It gently opens with vanilla bean and whiffs of violet petals, before hinting undertones of Lily and Peony. Tip: Do carry this little bottle with you throughout the day, as the light scent lasts for a little over 3 to 4 hours if you’re lucky.

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