Patience, patience. Your hair will grow.

by Laetitia Wong 

One of the biggest beauty tips that’s been buzzing about in the beauty market. From Cosmopolitan to Cleo, to beauty gurus on Youtube or your chatty Cathy hairdressers at the salon – The truth is universal. Shampooing your hair everyday can cause hair loss, thinning and can even stunt hair growth.


For those girls out there hoping to grow a lustrous mane ala Sofia Vergara or Megan Fox (before her lob chop last year), washing your hair too often can actually impede hair growth. While most Asian women in humid climates need to be more vigilant when it comes to their hair-washing routine, especially those who hit the gym for their daily workouts. Keeping our strands moisturised is usually the last thing on our mind, and for those who have oilier strands, opting for a dry shampoo seems like a healthier option.


Start with the scalp

This creates a solid foundation for hair growth to begin. We usually rush through our scalp-care routine when we pile on the shampoo, but celebrity stylists strongly advise that the key to promoting healthy growth is a good head massage, and massaging the scalp increases blood flow, stimulating hair follicles to produce hair growth.


Hair growth happens at the root

It’s a common fact that most have misconceptions bout. Getting the right hair cut not only does wonders for your face shape, but ridding the dead and dry ends can make your hair appear healthier and thus putting you on the yellow brick road of growing a gorgeous mane.


Avoid heat at all cost.

There is nothing un-sexier than damaged, dry, bristly hair. What you put your hair through translates into the overall health and gloss of your hair, so pay attention to the amount of heat you’re blasting onto those follicles. From heat wands to curling ions and those deathly blow dryers. Aim for a heat-free period every other week.


Stay fierce.





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