Glam Mommy

by Laetitia Wong 


Knocked up? Have no fear of those granny panties and baggy maternity wear. Just take a leaf out of Kim K’s fashion book – This is what she wore to the CFDA Fashion Awards, whilst sporting a tiny baby bump.

Since the news broke 2 days ago that baby North West was going to become an older sister, there has been nothing but talk about the expectant couple.

Kim described her getting pregnant as one of great difficulty in an interview with E! reality show, stating that she and her rapper star husband Kayne West faced months of fertility struggles.

Well, with the happy news aside, check out the infographic below for a couple of tips that would help all you expectant mothers along your fashion journey. But really, don’t ditch the high heels ladies. Just shove them at the back of your wardrobe for a bit, won’t be needing them much these next 9 months.


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