Embrace the Lob!

by Laetitia Wong 


And there’s Rapunzel, rubbing it in all our faces.


Length has always been associated to beauty. Personally, I’ve never dared chance the chop since I’ve even knew what braids were. My mother used to categorise long hair as ‘Princess hair’, whilst Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about what beauty was all about. Truth be told, if it weren’t for Mulan, I’d be royally pissed at Disney and it’s artistic directors.


Nonetheless, having made the chop from creepy Adam’s Family strands to short and chic mid-length lob back in 2012, I’ve been loving my do (albeit not very new anymore) ever since, and have been urging many of my timid gal pals to take that leap of faith. I’m no closer to convincing them as compared to where I was two years back, but hey, I’m trying. 


What with Lauren Conrad, Jessica Alba, Posh Spice, Jennifer Aniston, Karlie Kloss, Alexa Chung, Brooklyn Decker and Cameron Diaz all opting for shorter and healthier haircuts, it’s inspired a trend wave that many are still riding on. Just in case you’re in need of a hair makeover, check these pictures out! You never know, you might just be hit with a wave of enlightenment.


Also, if you’re currently dealing with a bad cut or hasty decision made at the hair salon, don’t fret! Check out this article of ours from a while back, read, and breathe.


Emily Blunt


This ‘Into The Woods’ actress and new mom sure knows how to rock it blunt. (No pun intended)


Rose BYRne


Insidious actress Rose Byrne looks fresher with her new chop! Long hair was just weighing her down


Ashley Olsen


Bajillionaire Ashley Olsen making one pretty half of a whole


Ashley Benson


Short hair suits the petite 1.61m Pretty Little Liars actress


Jennifer Lawrence


Naturally, this was before she made a Miley with her hair

Brooklyn Decker


This new cut on the sizzling Sports Illustrated model’s been much debated upon – With some referencing it to being a ‘mummy cut’. We don’t care, we like the new Brooklyn!

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