Lifestyle of the Broke and Beautiful

“And now, I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.”

― Lady Gaga


Sometimes life just isn’t as smooth sailing as it should be.

Often times, your overdue bills, delayed paychecks, project deadlines and severely worn-down, blister-inducing shoes demands your attention all at once and you have to cut back on your time and money.

Going through the week with a tiny pocket, clinging on to any extra nap time with projects on the side is definitely a scenario I’ve been through one too many times than I’d actually like to admit.

Cutting back is not fun, but it surely gave me an opportunity to get crafty and actually force me to be a smarter consumer.

From my own experience, here are some of the things I have coveted, discovered and fell in love with on one of my many penny-pinching, deadline-dreading days.


Budget Roundup


Sensible Sassy Shoes

Shoes are one wardrobe essential that I feel one should never be frugal about.

My previous pair of shoes were cute, but they were uncomfortable and resulted in many painful and unsightly blisters. When they came to their end of the journey, I was strapped for cash and had to find a quick, cheap replacement.

I found a simple black pair of flats for under $20 from a nondescript store at the mall. They had a cheap suede theme going on, and they did look like a pair of nurse shoes to me, but they were padded and comfortable. I have been blister free and in love with these shoes for about a month now.

A good pair of shoes will last a lifetime and bring you places, so be smart and don’t be cheap (unless otherwise necessary).


Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

I can probably name some other products that are designed to reap better benefits than rosewater alone, but I feel that there is nothing more decadent than a good old bottle of rosewater.

A reasonably-sized bottle sets me back at around $2 a bottle from Little India. I love carrying a travel-sized bottle in my bag for a quick refreshing spritz on my face. It’s definitely a lot less of a hassle from carrying a cleanser and a towel wherever I go, and a lot cheaper than purchasing an Evian face mist.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is a great product to have on hand.

There is a lot of products out there on the market that can solve a lot of common issues such as dry skin, soothing burns, shaving cream et cetera. Aloe Vera gel is said to do all that, and I find that it doesn’t get the attention it deserves for being such a reliable all-purpose product.

It’s a wonderful moisturiser and if you’re diligent enough to extract the gel from the fruit itself, it’ll be an all-natural dessert for you and your skin.

Fruit of the Earth has one infused with rose petals. My personal favourite treat is to leave it in the fridge in the morning and apply it at night before bed as a soothing moisturising mask.


Tick Tock Goes the Clock

Form and function are qualities a watch offers your outfit that I feel no other accessory can offer as well.

A great watch is a wonderful accessory to own and covet, because not only are you paying for impeccable workmanship and service, but also a piece that can last for a lifetime.

I believe that a good investment on a watch is when you can wear it out on a casual Sunday brunch and alleviate your formal attire on a Monday morning.


Tank that Top but Not Your Ensemble

One item that deserves some attention would probably be my tank tops.

Whilst curating this list, I had a debate with my sister between what item should be placed on this list. I opted for a smart, chic blazer because it dresses up any outfit instantly. Going from day to night, business to casual has never been easier with a well-fitted blazer.

She brought up tank tops, and even I overlooked how much I wear mine.

A good quality tank top has taken me from school to work to rehearsals and back, and at this rate, I’m almost certain it can take me to the moon.

Given that most tank tops can range for up to $10 a piece, I think it’s a good wardrobe piece to have on hand because it can be layered underneath said well-fitted blazer and it looks polished enough on its own with a nice statement necklace.


So even when I’m desperately short on cash and in need for some well-deserved tender loving care, I know I am doing all right because a cup of good, strong coffee and a short quick fix is only on its way.


What do you think of my list of budget products? Don’t forget to share and leave a comment!

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