Where’s Fix-It-Felix Junior when you need him?


We all have those days, some more frequent than others. Especially in this humid weather along with the dreaded static and second-day hair, god, we’re definitely in need of a good remedy. 


1. Try a puff-ball bun, also known to most Youtube gurus as the Cotton Candy bun!



2. Wrap it all up with a nice scarf



3. Try some dry shampoo to give it instant volume! There’s nothing a little Oscar Blandi can’t solve



4. Messy updos: Take a leaf outta Vanessa Anne Hudgen’s book!



5. Bohemians are meant to be messy!

boho braids 2

Check out these adorable braids!


And p.s: Whatever you do, don’t remedy your hair situation by fixing it with water.


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