5 New Superfoods of 2015

by Laetitia Wong 


Who will be the new superstars of 2015? We’re curious. Our condolences go out to the starlet of yesteryear, kale, having been touted as Singapore’s ‘Western Kai Lan’ veggie, kale walks alongside it’s equally successful counterparts such as quinoa, chia seeds and kimchi.

Nonetheless, folks are getting tired of all the same ole’ beauty blend shakes and smoothies, dying to test out an all new enriched brand of superfoods. Still, ever wonder what makes a superfood so… super?

Well, superfoods such as the legendary kale, goji berries and kimchi, are chock filled withĺ heart-healthy fats, essential vitamins and minerals, as well as enzymes necessary to enrich and maintain our cells mitosis process.

 So what are these new fads of 2015 you may ask? Well, here are some of our beneficial blockbuster list this year:



1. Chlorella



 It’s been touted as nature’s green magic, garnering a wide celebrity fan base including Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Aniston and even Victoria Beckham. Nutritionists have claimed that it contains natural minerals to regenerate our bodies at the smallest cellular level, as it contains 65% protein and more chlorophyll than any other green food.



2. Black Rice



My mother used to tell me a standard rule when it came to eating food: The darker the food, the higher nutritional value it had. Contrary to popular belief, not all grains are calorie-laden and doomed to up your waist size. Black rice has twice the number of antioxidants as compared to last year’s brown rice, filled with protein and extremely high in vitamins and minerals, such as Iron. In addition, it is healthy on your heart!



3. Cruciferous veggies



Oh, how American sitcom moms would appreciate this one. Kale pales in comparison to cruciferous veggies such as Cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Its the truth that though yucky, brussels sprouts are an excellent source of vitamin C, whereas cauliflower contains phyto-chemicals that aid the body in ridding excess oestrogen, which in turn causes numerous health problems. Broccoli too, contains anti-cancer elements that can help prevent tumour growth


4. Bee Pollen


Remember the Royal Jelly craze back in 2009? Well, bee pollen has been making a comeback as nature’s ultra-natural and nutritious foods. Made from a complex set of highly absorbable protein chock full of the same kinds of antioxidants found in Acai berries, it also contains healthy fatty acids, amino acids and minerals that enhance collagen production. As a result, it is perfect for boosting one’s strength, stamina and focus.


5. Oat Milk


Made from wholegrain, it’s better than soy milk and even more nutritious. Nonetheless, it’s rich creamy texture gives off a certain oat-y scent which can be an acquired taste. A fantastic source of fibre, dieticians have been utilising oat milk to supplement cow milk, especially in patients with high cholesterol.

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