5 Mistakes that makes your hair look flat

by Laetitia Wong 


Let’s get real. We weren’t all born half Armenian (cough Kim Kardashian) with those deliciously luscious black locks and the ability to grow hair at a rate of an inch a week. Sadly, that remains a Disney dream that I’ll never quite get over. While there are countless of thickening creams, beauty products, sprays and powders in the market (I’m looking at you, Sephora) enough to make your mother die from nag exhaustion, there’s gotta be a few mistakes that you’re making that aren’t exactly helping you in the hair department.

1. You’re not washing your conditioner out

Conditioner is important, sure. But do take note that if you’re not rinsing all the product out (fearing that you’d be rinsing the shine away) before exiting your bath, it can get a tad oily, especially around the scalp area. Rinse, rinse, rinse!


2. One-length kills

This is by far the easiest way to make your hair look thicker. Unless you’re 5’1 and petite (like most Korean superstars), you ain’t going to look like you’ve got a full head of hair. It’s simple science. Thanks to gravity, longer hair weighs more and pulls your hair down, making it seem lankier and flatter. Try a couple of face-framing pieces to ‘bouncify’ your look.


3. You’ve opted for one flat colour

One-dimensionality kills. Unless you’re like me, with a head full of inky-black hair, your hair isn’t going to catch the light off anything, not even if the sun were shining right atop of you. Ask your stylist for a variation of colours (but definitely not the 90’s Jen Aniston stripe-y blond highlights), or maybe even balayage!


4. Mousse saves lives

It adds a ton of volume without making you look like Fran Dresher. Just remember, the bigger the hair, the smaller the waist. Just avoid using too much, and those that contain alcohol properties, as they’d dry out your hair, leaving your mane looking dry and ‘crispy’ looking.


5. Blow-drying techniques matter!

Try this trick of mine. Lay on your bed, and flip your hair over the side of your bed and blowdry your locks from the bottom up, starting from the crown. Hello volume!


Ooh also, check out this hair brush guide: Which brush does what? Have you been using the right ones?


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