Choosing the Right Brush

If you’re relatively new to makeup, you would know how overwhelming it is when purchasing new cosmetics and tools. There are hundreds of variations to a lipstick alone – matte, sheer, gloss, satin, and the list goes on and on.

On hindsight, it does seem a lot easier to purchase makeup as opposed to amassing a formidable makeup applicator set, because it solely lies on what kind of product you want and prefer. With brushes, it’s a lot about trial and error, finding out which type of brush or sponge works best for your product and your skin.

We figured that we should do a little research on understanding what types of brushes are available on the market, and which one is used for what to aid in your next shopping trip to Sephora.

We love Oh, Chic!‘s handy 101 guide to the different brushes you might need, but don’t necessarily know how to tell them apart just yet.


Which brushes are missing in your beauty toolbox?


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