Om, Shanti, Om

by Laetitia Wong


It’s been some time since the world’s been embracing the summer season, what with the boho waves and the neutral and ‘no-makeup’ makeup looks. Our society is diggin’ the fuss-free standards of beauty, and so should you. Hey, it’s about time.

Here are the benefits of not wearing makeup and giving your skin a break from all the pore-clogging tallow (used in a majority of cosmetics). Check it out:

1. Your skin gets cleaner and healthier

Makeup is toxic, and as we all know, anything we put onto our skin gets absorbed by the body. Ditch the gunk, and check out your glowing skin complexion in no time! PS: We suggest adding a little moisturizer into the mix, just in case things get a little too dry.


2. You’re more time on your hands!

Woah, never knew how much time putting on your makeup took eh? Well, polls agree that women spend at least 30 minutes a day just dolling up their face. Why not use that time to catch up on the latests episode of The Big Bang Theory? Or perhaps just pick up where you left off with Stephen King’s The Shining? Practice some yoga, sleep in, go for a short run – The possibilities are endless!


3. Om, Shanti, Om

It isn’t unusual to feel vulnerable or even a little… naked, when you first wipe off the face goo and step out into public au natural. Trust me, I know. It takes a little getting used to, and at first you may see judgement emanating from the eyes of the public, or perhaps from that cute guy at the far end of the train. But believe it, because all that judgement’s coming from within you, not others. So have confidence in yourself, and make peace with your body image. After all, who’s going to love you, if not yourself?


And if ever you’re feeling insecure about your makeup-less complexion, just take a leaf outta these Victoria Secret models’ books! They aren’t shy, and neither should you be!



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