Holiday Gift Guide: One of the Boys

Dressing well is a
form of good manners.

It’s the last few weeks into the new year and a couple days away from Christmas. The festive season is in full swing and there’s nothing we’re eagerly anticipating more right now than good food and the company of our loved ones.

Aside from polite formalities and empty small talk, we’re sure most of us are hoping to rebuild some of the bridges burned and catch up with the people we did not manage to keep in close contact with throughout the year. This week, we’ve curated a list on our take on the best gifts for the gentlemen in our lives.

StyleMakers XmasNewYear3

They’re probably one of the few people we show our appreciation to. So whether they’re a man of few words or the constant life of the party, the festive is the best time to show how much we value the strong, funny and sometimes weird male figures in our lives.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Femme Fatale

White paper packages
tied up in string,
these are a few of
my favourite

As the year slowly comes to a close, we’re out to celebrate the end of another chapter in our lives. While we bask in our triumphs and reflect on the failures that we’ve encountered over these twelve months, we want to show our appreciation for the supporting characters in our lives that stayed by our side throughout.

Gift-giving is hard, especially for the people you love. You want to show how much you love them, but you’ve also exhausted every possible option. Step away from the Victoria’s Secret gift set, we’ve extended our holiday gift guide and picked the things we are lusting after and we’re almost certain your female contemporaries are too!

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Navigating the Festive Sparkle

All that glitters is gold.

The festive season is fast approaching and we’re expecting a never-ending to-do list and a packed back-to-back weekend. Between last minute gift shopping, meeting year-end deadlines or the impromptu meet up with the friends you didn’t manage to meet as often over the past few months, it definitely seems like there’s not enough time to breathe, let alone worry about what to wear.


We’ve curated a few looks for the festive season and incorporated PANTONE’s 2016 colour of the year to get you kick started and hopefully give you inspiration when putting together your own festive season ensemble!


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Holiday Gift Guide: Food, Fun & Friends!

We’ll applaud if you’ve been nice,
and we won’t judge if you’ve been naughty,
whatever it is
’tis the season to be jolly.

We are almost at the end of the year, and it’s incredible how fast the year has rolled by. Perhaps we aren’t great at time management, but we’d prefer to believe that we were too busy enjoying ourselves to notice!

This is the season where the streets are decked out in shiny lights (or combusting into flames i.e. burning Christmas Tree along Orchard Road), retailers trying their hardest to outdo each other by offering the best deals and restaurateurs busy pushing out decadent desserts and feasts for all.

StyleMakers XmasNewYear

While the glamour of our current surroundings definitely calls for our full attention, this is one of the best times to reflect on how the year has treated us.

This season, we want to appreciate all the missteps that we’ve taken and the calculated risks that has made us stronger and wiser.

We hope to forgive ourselves for the words we wished we hadn’t left unsaid and apologize for the snide remarks we made under our breath.

We are going to work towards letting go of the people that didn’t stick around, shower the ones that did with the affection and attention they deserved, and make room for the people that are on their way to us this coming new year.

So whether you’re a Christmas caroler or simply basking in the excitement of the festive season, we’ve come up with a list of goodies that we believe would make the perfect gift to the people that stayed by our side this entire year.

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