Fun for Fall: Playful yet Professional

“Fashion is never wrong.”
― Malcolm McLaren

Fun in Fall

Striking a balance between the appropriate attire for school or work versus wearing what you actually want to wear whilst keeping up with the trend is definite a tough day to day decision to juggle. Understandingly, it’s definitely easy to subconsciously create a work uniform for yourself consisting of the same nude pumps, shift dress and blazer combination.

While we love and believe that every wardrobe needs its own variation of go-to staples such as aforementioned nude pumps, and a well-fitted shift dress and blazer, we believe that sometimes, reinventing your ensemble doesn’t require too much effort or change.

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Lifestyle of the Broke and Beautiful

“And now, I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.”

― Lady Gaga


Sometimes life just isn’t as smooth sailing as it should be.

Often times, your overdue bills, delayed paychecks, project deadlines and severely worn-down, blister-inducing shoes demands your attention all at once and you have to cut back on your time and money.

Going through the week with a tiny pocket, clinging on to any extra nap time with projects on the side is definitely a scenario I’ve been through one too many times than I’d actually like to admit.

Cutting back is not fun, but it surely gave me an opportunity to get crafty and actually force me to be a smarter consumer.

From my own experience, here are some of the things I have coveted, discovered and fell in love with on one of my many penny-pinching, deadline-dreading days.


Budget Roundup
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Wear Your Tech

In keeping with the recent Digital Fashion Week 2015, the students from National Technological University’s School of Arts, Design and Media have designed and curated their works at the ArtScience Gallery over the weekend.

Fusing fashion and technology, the students were challenged to create a piece that explores current and cultural issues in our surroundings whilst engaging the audiences’ senses and sensibility.

Joining forces with engineers and scientists, the students also delved into understanding how technology is used with our body, and with that creating pieces that aims to excite, inspire and bring light to the issues that they are passionate about.

One of our favorite pieces included Alicia Phua’s Luminarium. Inspired by spores on the folds of fungus, an association to death and decay, Alicia created a shift dress with light-activated curlicues made from kraft paper rotating on a DC motor.


Luminarium by Alicia Phua

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