Pick Me Up Monday

Living with an Otaku sibling who’s forever glued to the 9Gag app on her phone has it’s perks. Not to mention I’m dating a living Reddit maniac, his favourite jokes usually siphoned off one of the pages of askreddit, or r/jokes – Needless to say, I’m constantly bombarded by a never-ending stream of corny jokes, r/DadJokes and downright hilarious pictures.

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Movie Review: Cinderella, 2.5/5


Yes yes, we contend to most of fan-requests that Cinderella would have much better been played by the voluptuous (and very very blonde) Scarlett Johansson, but Director Kenneth Branagh decided with Ella James instead, so we’ve really no choice but to go along with it. Oh well.

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Oh, Giselle.



Alright, is it just us? Or is Giselle Bundchen’s Instagram account a little… fake? Her rather picture-perfect snapshots of her and her Quarterback Beau Tom Brady and adorable cherub kiddos are making us snort in derision, bringing to mind the horrendous #Selfie song (popularised last year). Oh, this is definitely giving us horrible acid reflux.

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His and Her items

Unfortunately for my very patient boyfriend, I’ve been on the subject of marriage recently. And despite my very anticipated (read: zealous and heated) discussion with him and his little eye twitch in which he thought escaped my notice, I’m all up for it. Despite what my mother would call “a very young age”.

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